A doctor in your

Ground-breaking sensor technology delivers clinically accurate heart activity monitoring anytime, anywhere.

Finally! More than a wearable ECG sensor...


Your heart's health at a glance and on the go!

ECGalert gives you and your doctor complete heart health feedback at your fingertips.


Simple and easy.

Just keep the sensor hooked and your smartphone around, and you are good to go.


Tried, tested, true.

Thoroughly tested and proven efficiency in detecting even the slightest heart flaws.


Cutting edge technology.

Based on military technology, ECGalert is a powerfull tool to keep track of your heart's condition.


Share your data with your doctor.

Let your doctor know how your heart is doing, anytime, no matter where you are.


360 heart health analysis.

Long-term ECG data, heart rate, heart rhythm, and body temperature - a great insight into your heart's health!


24/7 support.

The expertise of our acclaimed medical professionals is at your disposal. You can feel safe that ECGalert will not let you down.


Environmentally friendly.

Built with carefully selected materials that are environment friendly.

Your heart's health
at a glace & on the go.

ECG, pulse, rhythm, early detection of heart attack

A life-changer
and a life-saver.

  • detect the onset of heart attack

  • view and record continious EKG

  • complete heart health feedback

ECGalert runs on sophisticated virtual intelligence, capable of detecting even the slightest abnormality in your heart’s function.


Share your data.

  • Access your data on the web

    Just login to the web application.

  • Give your doctor access to your scans

    Whenever you need a second opinion on your heart’s activity, you can share the access to all or specific ECG records.

  • Never lose your data

    The data storage services will keep track of every ECG record made, starting from the moment you purchased ECGalert.

Get Started three easy steps

1. Attach sensor on body.

Stick the electrodes on the chest over clean skin.

2. Install application.

Download the application on your smart device, and enter all necessary information.

3. Record ECG.

Start recording ECG. The results shown on screen may be printed or shared.

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